Cute Kids, New Cars and SIMBA!

I don’t think I mentioned on this blog or Facebook or really anywhere that in early October, we got a new car. When you’re getting as old as we are it’s just not nearly as exciting as it was back in the day. Nobody cares. Heck, I hardly care. Just as long as I am driving something that isn’t at risk for leaving me stranded on the side of the road with 5 bitchy kids, I’m good to go.

Back to what I was getting at, we got a new Mini Van TAH-DAH! I bet that one surprised you didn’t it? Me with a mini-van. Well, this time we took the kids to the dealership with us and they looked at a couple of van’s with us and saw a TV in the back of one and we were screwed. There was no way we were leaving that dealership without a van that had a TV in the back. Being the pushovers we are, we made our little ones happy and we became the proud new owners of a Honda Odyssey with a DVD player for the kids. We took the kids out to dinner that night to celebrate the fact that we had just went 40K into the hole and I grabbed a DVD before we headed out the door to break in the kids new toy. I grabbed The Lion King. Now, I’m entirely sure that all the kids had seen The Lion King at one point or another but seeing it on the tiny screen in the back of that mini van gave it a whole new lustre that it had never had before. That movie played on loop for days, weeks. Amira refused to let another movie show in that car. She became obsessed with Simba. She began requesting Lion Kind toys and dolls. Uh, The Lion King came out in 1990-what? It’s not like I can just cruise on over to Wal Mart and pick up a stuffed Simba anymore. Amira became determined that all she wanted for Christmas was a big stuffed Simba. I knew via Ebay or Amazon or something I’d be able to find a Simba somewhere.

Mid December we got all gussied up and headed out to Amira’s Christmas party for her the therapy center that administers her speech therapy. I filled out an RSVP sheet for our family. 1 client, 2 adults, 2 siblings.

So, we get to this party and the kids are immediately pissed at me because I missed the memo about it being OK for kids to come to this party in their PJ’s. (A lot of adults had their PJ’s on too but that’s a train I will never ride. No PJ’s in public for me thanks.) I knew they were doing pictures with Santa and I wanted the kids dressed nicely for that. So I’m getting my ass chewed by my son’s and I am looking around, taking in this who party and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a freaking MOUNTAIN of big, fat stuffed Simba dolls! What the what!? Amira’s dream party! Not only did they give each of the kids a very nice stuffed Simba, they all got a nice hardback Lion King book to go with it and Amira got a hand picked and wrapped mermaid playset as a client gift. There was a magician, arts, crafts, Santa came, a juggler was entertaining kids in the corner, there were plenty of cookies, cupcakes, treats of every kind, drinks. An awesome party. Once Amira got her hands on that stuffed Simba she was in absolute Heaven. Ron’s company party may have gone with the wind but this party came right in and took it’s place.

Simba and Amira have been inseparable since the Mighty Oaks party.


Mom, Moo & Simba


Good night Simba and Amira Elizabeth


Simba and Missy Moo go for a ride

Weird how things just work out like that sometimes. Simba, who would have guessed he’s be my 4 year old’s obsession in 2015 and the star of the Mighty Oaks party to boot.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I don’t know why I continually put myself in this position. I guess we’ll just chalk it up to me being an irresponsible blogger. My procrastination has got the better of me once again and here I am playing the all too familiar game of blogging catch up.

Once upon a time the beginning of December rolled around and…..We got our tree!  Two trees to tell the truth and we all know that Santa’s watching so you better be telling the truth.

One tree for the front room and one tree for the great room.  Ordinarily we would have trekked out into the great wild…Ok, ok, the Christmas tree farm and painstakingly picked out the most perfect trees on the farm and made my poor husband lay in the cold wet mud and cut them down. We were a little lazy this year and Missy Moo, she wanted INSTANT gratification so we went to the little red store up the street and our little Christmas Princess picked out two of the most pathetic Christmas tree’s I’ve ever seen. But the entire amount went to my very favorite charity in our area, Safehaven so pathetic tree’s or no, I was completely content. Ron didn’t have to roll around in the mud and cut them down so he was one happy camper as well.

We got our wimpy trees home,  dressed them in their holiday best and carefully hid the largest gaps in the corner and we were good to Christmas go!

Everyone knows how stressful tree decorating can be. Everything must go in it’s perfect place and brother’s must stay far away from creative thinking little girls or…..


Fits shall be had. Bad, terrible, very upsetting fits.

To be fair, I’ve felt like doing this very thing myself dealing with Christmas tress over the years.

And, as everyone who’s ever survived the combination of cats and Christmas tree’s will know, I frequently had this special view from my chair while I enjoyed my morning coffee.


Oh Bentley Blue. Graybee Baby, Cha-Cha Ria Cat. Yes, I call my cats strange, weird nicknames but they love it so I have no plans of curbing my cat crazy behavior anytime soon.

Ron’s company kids Christmas party officially went to shit this year. It’s been crashing for a couple of years now but this year it finally went down in flames.


This was the stunning turn out. Oh well, all good things must come to an end. I so wish that wasn’t true.

My posts for the month of December simply wouldn’t be complete without pictures of Storybook Land!

The kids love that place.

Then, later that week, Amira’s class went for their December field trip. I’ve been going here every year with a kids class since 2003, the year Katie started preschool. I’ve stood out in the cold with wiggly preschoolers and kindergarteners more times than I care to count. You take those things for granted. I swear I can remember a little something from each and every one of those field trips over the years. Reality hit me, swift and cold in the face when I realized this was my last Storybook Land field trip. Sad. My little stinkers are growing up.


Ya think that kids’ excited or what?

Telling the big man what she wants for Christmas and hoping he missed a few shifts of seeing if she’d been naughty or nice.


Ah, don’t worry kiddo. I think you made the nice list cut. Your brother’s though, that’s an entirely different story….

More to come. Stay tuned.


Why does it seem that those who need the most help from others are the least grateful for it?

My little nephew at 5 years old has never wanted for anything in his life. It’s hard to figure out good gifts for birthdays or Christmas because he’s so well provided for that there’s not much he needs or wants.

I got him a Spider Man sleeping bag from the Pottery Barn with his name on it for his birthday. He opened it and his smile spread ear to ear, beamed through his happy eyes and he hugged it as tightly as he could. Looked right into my face and proudly and happily said “Thank you Auntie Sara!” Without being told, without being prompted. It was his natural reaction to being given a gift.

He was happy, I was happy. We both felt great. A simple interaction between two people that brought joy to both of us.

I’m proud of that boy. At 5 years old he’s already showing an innate understanding of how we appropriately interact with other people in even unfrequent situations.

As an adult who lives a well balanced, financially secure life, I’m hard to shop for. I don’t need much. In fact, when somebody asks me what I want or need for Christmas or my birthday the things that generally pop up in my mind aren’t things that one can run down to Target and buy.

Gee, I’d love somebody to come in and deep clean my house. I mean, really go for it. Truthfully, that’s something I need to do. I know each dusty spot that’s bothering me by heart, where all the little misplaced trinkets go. Things like that. I know I’m hard to shop for so when anyone goes out and takes the time to find something special just for me, no matter what it is, I am grateful to them. For thinking of me, for their time. That I was special enough to them that they wanted to do something for me. All of it. The gratitude extends far beyond gratitude for the actual gift.

I myself am a giver by nature. I hate to see anyone go without. Especially a child but in general, anyone. I would love it if everyone in the world got what they wanted most for Christmas and had a pretty tree to sit around and open gifts.

This year I decided to go above and beyond for a few people for Christmas. I was so full of happiness and excitement out shopping for others, knowing I’d make their Christmas just a little better. I couldn’t wait to give them their gifts. I put a little extra time and ribbon into wrapping their presents. The presents around our tree had bows but Amira and I carefully hand tied ribbons around each of theirs. Perfect folds, creases, the biggest bows, the cutest gift tags. They were beautiful. I was so excited.

Nothing feels better than giving.

Now, it may be selfish on my part but I love to hear that someone liked what I got them.

“Oh, I really love how soft that hoodie is.”

“I’ve really been hoping for a pocket knife, how did you know?”

At the very least, “Thank you for the gifts”

I do not believe in having to reciprocate gifts, in fact oftentimes, the people I’m buying gifts for, I really don’t want them to buy me a gift. They don’t have much and I would feel terrible if they bought me a gift but it would be nice to hear that they liked what I got them.

I don’t care to be showered with appreciation. I’m shy and humble but just hearing that I made them happy. That make me feel good.

Hearing nothing at all leaves me wondering if they didn’t like what I bought, thought it was stupid, possibly tried to return it? I don’t know but it hurts.

Merry Christmas anyway. I still love you.



Back To School

It’s Monday, September 14th 10:21 am and I am sitting here in my living room in absolute silence doing NOTHING. I’ll enjoy this for a few more moments and then I will find a mess somewhere to clean up. There is always something waiting for me but right now, I just need to soak this in. EVERYONE is in school! Yes, all 5 of them, full day.

Dexter started Kindergarten today and he was the last of the 5 to send off. Amira, Ellie and Dom started on the 8th, Katie on the 9th. Dex and I hung out for the remainder of the week. We went to kinder orientation, kinder stop and drop. I asked him if he wanted me to drive him to school on his first day, walk him in. You know, all that sweet stuff. No way. He wanted to take the bus. He’s been dying to get on the real school bus with his brother and the other neighborhood kids for a few years now. Katie and Ellie both broke my hearts when they ditched me on the first day of kinder for the bus too but back then, Kinders got front door bus service. Now that it’s full day, they are bus stop kids like everyone else. Thankfully my kinder has two older siblings on the bus with him to get him off at the right stop and walk him home.

IMG_2023 Dom was so excited to be riding the bus with his little brother.

IMG_2028Brotherly love right there.

I was worried about Dex riding the bus on his first day. Not the bus so much as what would happen when he got there. So, Dex went to school with a great big sticker on his chest today, not because I’m awesomely prepared and on top of things, but because I’m terrified for my kid! Nothing like a little fear to bring out the best in a mother, right?

There are 4 kindergarten rooms I do believe. Your average kid will get off the bus, be greeted by teachers or school aides, ask them what their name is, who their teacher is. Problem with Dex though is when he say’s his name, unless you already know what his name is, you’ll have no idea. It comes out more like “”. He couldn’t say his teachers name either so instead of trying to say it, he would just say “I forgot” or “I don’t know” when asked what his teacher’s name was. So, I followed the school’s own protocol. On the first week of school when they bus the kids home they are wearing a 3X3 sticker that say’s their bus route and stop. So Dex went to school today with a printed 3X4 sticker on his chest that say’s “Hi my name is DEXTER B. I’m in Ms. Graham’s Kindergarten. At the bottom in small print it say’s “Mom: Sara 541-xxx-xxxx.” That way they will automatically identify him and walk him to his room. No scary problems for him on the first day.

Will he be tall enough to see what they are serving in the cafeteria for lunch? Good Lord I hope so. Please let his day go smoothly.

Amira is rocking the full day pre-k. Loving her teacher, loving her full and active day, loving her friends, recess, taking a lunch, everything there is to love about school Amira is loving it.


This is Amira’s new Care Bear. Big sis Katie gave it to her at pick up on the first day of school. We jokingly call it “Spoiled Brat Bear” since she’s the only kid who got a gift for going to school. Hey, what can you say when you’re the baby of 5. Katie wanted it for her, so she got it. It’s a good thing to have big sisters looking out for you.

I always try my best nutrition wise with my kiddos and thankfully Amira is a pretty good eater. I decided to try this new lunch box system out with her and so far, I am LOVING it! PlanetBox. Look it up, Try it out. Makes lunch easy and simple for her. No packages to mess with, everything on display, cut down to just her size and ready to eat.


Before I got this kid up on the first day of school. Ripley was waiting outside the boys bedroom for his Dominic. He knew something was up.


IMG_1809Sophmore Year

IMG_17678th Grade Year

IMG_17524 year old Full Day Pre K (sour version)

IMG_17514 year old Full Day Pre K (sweet version)

IMG_1742 The goof brothers

IMG_17403rd Grade Year

IMG_1730 Kindergarten Year

IMG_1776 The wild bunch. (Katie was enjoying her last day off in bed)

First day of school was also Football picture day. Got this sweet pic of Coach Dad and Dom before team pictures.


I was SO done with summer.

Messes like this:


Fits like this:


All the freaking time. They were bored. I was going nuts. We were ready.

Well, once Dominic was totally stocked up on his special underwear, we were ready.


Drawer so full I could barely close it.

So, now that school is up and running in full gear. Dom has his first head cold of the year. It’s school and sports and sports and school.

Hip hop starts today and football practice is still on.

Our weekday schedule, Monday: Dom Hip Hop, Dom Football, Dex Football, Tuesdays: Dex Football, Wednesday: Dom Footballl, Dex Football, Thursday: SWEET FREEDOM-NOTHING, Friday: Dom Football, Amira Ballet.

Our weekend schedule is Saturdays: Football. Sundays: Softball.

Saturday, first official game of the Pop Warner Season for both boys. Thankfully they made it easy on us this go round. Their games were back to back. Still resulted in 5 hours at the football field though.

IMG_1905 IMG_1900 IMG_1850 IMG_1845

Ellen Fall Ball Softball. First game of the season warm ups. At the ball fields from 9:00am-3:00pm.


For Miss Moo too. Ron and Ellie are starting her young. She’ll be a pro by the time she’s 10.


That’s the update here. I’ll try to stay more on top of updating this blog now that I’ve got a little time to myself these days!

Back To School Shopping, YAY!

I can honestly say that out of all the gross, mundane or maddening aspects of parental responsibilities that I saddle, back to school shopping is the worst of them all. Not the supplies so much. The clothes.

I’d much rather spend a day home cleaning up vomit, hours in a doctors office waiting room or getting the tires rotated on every car we own than take my children shopping for clothes.

I dread it every year and just like ever year before it, it has once again come upon me.

I set out for the outlet malls 40 minutes from our house last week with 2 kids in tow. I though to myself, “This year will be different. These two will be kind of easy” Ellie and Dom, no prob.  Wrong-o!

The day started out ok. We started at The Gap. They both could shop here I guessed. There wasn’t one single clothing item in the entire store that caught Ellen’s eye but she did insist on persuading Dominic to try on on acid wash skinny jeans that looked like someone took them out of a 2 year olds closet in 1989 and hung them on the rack in the GAP. Dom was not amused and Ellen proceeded to bash everything he liked so I suggested that she go look for clothes for Amira.

Once Dom’s clothing was chosen, which threw me for a bit of a loop because the kid took a major growth spurt at some point in the year and jumped nearly 2 shirt sizes and is up yet another size in pants from the end of the school year last year. Ellen proceeded to present me with and arm load of sleeveless shirts for Amira to wear to preschool, while  I try my best to explain that these were supposed to be school clothes, not summer attire, Ellen gives me the ever ready eye roll and Dom selects another $100 in shirts since he now knew which size he wore. Dominic responds to clothing shopping like some kids respond to a trip through a candy store.  As we’re heading for checkout Dom stops short and screams out UNDERWEAR, dozens of people turn and stare at us for a brief moment as we make a U turn for the undies.  “I have to get underwear from here”. According to Dom, the only underwear he’s truly comfortable in is boxer briefs from The Gap. Anything else just doesn’t feel quite right on his tush or whatever other part down there. That’s just one thing I guess I will never understand so I won’t even begin to imagine.

We check out and move onto American Eagle for Ellie. Dom hides in clothing racks, asks to leave the store to wander on his own, has spastic body movements when I tell him no, attempts to walk out anyway. Is upset that American Eagle doesn’t carry his size. Ellie shops, and shops and shops and finally produces 1, yes ONE t shirt that she wants. We stand in a miserable long line with one checker while three other girls dally around behind the counter. When we get close to the checkout there are two freestanding glass display shelfs standing side by side loaded from top to bottom with cologne and perfume. There’s also just enough space between to the two for Dominic to insert his entire body and shimmy through. I tell him repeatedly not to do it, he’ll knock down the entire glass display. With every turn of my head he continuers on so I finally have him take a seat by my feet where he begs me to buy him body spray or cologne and peppers himself with large plumes of cologne and body spray from tester bottles. This from the kid who lectured me about the dangers of spray sunscreen a few weeks back.

We finally somehow managed to make it out of American Eagle with the one T-shirt and Dominic smelling like a toxic bomb and head to the next store Ellen wants to shop at. I suggest that I go to another store with Dom and get him some more things while she shops at her store and calls me when she’s ready to check out. No, we must be present in Ellie’s store so Dom can do gymnastics on the couches outside of the dressing room while Ellen tries on armloads of items one trip after the next. After Dominic manages to slide a ottoman nearly 10 feet across the room and nearly takes out a shoe rack display I tell her to text me when she’s ready to check out. We’re heading over to the Nike store. Dom wants Air Jordan’s, which, prior to last August he didn’t even know existed but his semi idol, older cousin Jared wears them so Air Jordan’s it must be. They didn’t have what he wanted which resulted in more convulsions as I received Ellie’s text to come pay. We went to Zumies and Dominic decided it was time to buy his long board that he wants for his birthday. I explained that we were here for school clothes and we would get the long board later (I know NOTHING about skateboards and I wasn’t going to do it alone) Now Dom’s pissed, arms crossed, feet stomping and Ellie still has to go to Aeropostale. Great! She takes forever in there again and at the checkout counter we’ve bought so much crap that we can get half off any perfume. There’s one Ellie just has to have so I cave and buy it. Dom see’s this and erupts like a volcano in the store because Ellie get’s $10 of perfume and he can’t get $200 of long board.

I said they couldn’t get anything but clothes. I’m a liar. A big fat liar that hates Dominic and only loves Ellie.

We left the outlet store around 8:00pm in misery.

Round 2 was last Saturday. Thankfully Ron came along so I had reinforcements because there is no way I could wrangle Dom, Dex and Amira on my own while shopping for clothes and utilizing a fitting room. The 40 minute ride to Eugene we have to listen to radio edit versions of Wiz Khalifa songs because Dominic is just that cool. I got schooled on what TGOD means, what the TGOD finger thing looks like, what Wiz Khalifa’s home town is and that Black and Yellow is a song about his hometown. I thought it was about a car but whatever.

We finally arrive with my ears ringing and get all three out of the car and in hand. An older man drives past us in a convertible corvette. Dominic points right at him and yells “Show Off!” as loudly as he can.

We hustle into H & M where Amira practically attacks the shoe wall and immediately picks out three pair, Dominic wants everything. There seems to be something about the smell of clothing that sends my kids into a frantic craze.  I decide to do Dex first pick him a few things and get him into the dressing room. He’s hesitant to undress. I explain that he needs to try on the jeans and from the look he then gave me I know why. We’ve been fighting the “underwear battle” since mid January. I had to do a daily underwear check on Dex before school each morning and frequently send him back upstairs to acquire a pair. It’s summer so I’ve been lax and he spent the night prior at Grandma’s so he was able to slip this one past my underwear radar. So there he stands, naked as the day we was born in the dressing room while I oh so carefully zip up the jeans we’re trying on. We finally make it out of H & M with more shoes than clothes for The Shoe Queen and head to the children’s place. Their dressing rooms are large so we can thankfully fit all three kids in plus Ron and I at once. As we settle in there I notice it. I say to Ron “These kids stink”. He nods in agreement. The boys had spent the night at grandmas and played hard outside (Like they should be) and in that tiny room you could definitely tell.

We check out there and find the Foot Locker that, by the grace of God has the Air Jordan’s his royal highness just has to have and only one stop left at Gymboree. I know their sizes there so Ron’s free to relax (haha) with the children in the seating area in the mall. I come out of Gymboree to some strange battle between Dom and Ron over the Air Jordan’s with another family watching in amusement. Dominic want’s to SMELL his new shoes. NOW! We leave the Valley River Center with Dominic vigorously huffing on one of his shoes like someone may huff glue to get high. The vibrant colors of the Vicoria’s Secret Pink store attract Amira and I tell her she’s W-A-Y to young to be shopping there. Which sparks of super tantrum 22 of the day. She collapses to the ground and is carried the rest of the way out of the mall.

We make it to the safety of our car and I think I’m home free. Then Ron decides he wants dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. I’m so tired by then and the thought of going home and making dinner isn’t attractive but neither is taking my wild ones into the restaurant. We enter and I’m relieved that it is loud in there. Hallelujah! The kids fight, 3 separate trips to the bathroom were had. It was freezing in there. They ordered steak nuggets. They came. Amira protests. She wanted chicken nuggets. I tell her she got cow nuggets instead. Dominic immediately spits out half chewed steak. “This is COW??!!” then proceeds to make loud gagging noises and the facial expressions to go with them. I threaten to take him outside. Amira eats nothing, Dex eats everything in sight, Dominic finishes the cow.  They wanted desert. We obliged. They had 2 choices on the menu. Giant brownie or giant chocolate chip cookie. 1 wanted brownie, 2 wanted cookie. Not shockingly they were out of cookies, that kind of crap always happens to us so we left with 3 kids holding massive, overpriced brownies, 2 of which were bawling their eyes out.

Nobody fell asleep on the way home.

More hip hop was listened to.

Including this song.

Dom’s in a hip hop dance class and they did a routine to this song. He loves it and on the LONG drive home it dawned on me that this is most likely the theme song that represents my life right now. I am officially out of my mind. “I was doing fine once upon a time, then my brain left and it didn’t say bye” Yep!

We are nowhere near finished with school clothes shopping.

Somebody seriously needs to market a back to school shopping supply kit for moms who have more kids than they have hands that contains child leashes, duct tape and xanax (for Mom of course).

September 8th, please come soon.

Summertime Fun

It’s been a crazy, busy, all over the place summer this year. Since we’re about halfway through I thought I’d throw out a few pics of what we’ve been up to so far, in no particular order.

Hanging in the backyard “little pool”. As of two days ago, this pool is no longer in existence due to an “accidental” pool stabbing. (Dominic had to sit in his room for quite some time due to this “accident”)



Swimming and floating in the “big” pool.

IMG_1477 IMG_1468

A day spent at the Portland Children’s Museum. They’ve been asking to go back ever since. We’ll definitely have to do a repeat on this one since they loved it so much.IMG_1583 IMG_1593

A day at the zoo. Ended up with a family membership so we’ll be returning to this one too.IMG_1512 IMG_1506


The selfie king. I love finding his beautiful face on my phone.IMG_1395


Softball games and more softball games.


Fulfilled our yearly tradition of spending a day at The Enchanted Forest with friends.IMG_0236 IMG_0197 IMG_0183 IMG_0179 IMG_0170

Fourth of July parade in Independence and BBQ and fireworks with friends that evening.IMG_0067 IMG_0091 IMG_0088 IMG_0071

Dinner out with family to celebrate Father’s Day and my Dad graduating from OSU.


Bike riding with Moo…..a lot.


Wild Waves in Federal Way Washington



The boys, in preparation for the upcoming football season attended 3 days of football camp.


Spent a fun filled week at vacation bible school at Good Shepherd. (This was on the way there one evening. This kid never stops entertaining.)


Plus a lot of other fun stuff in between and a lot of other fun stuff yet to come. Thanks for checking in on us!

Amira’s First Recital “Once Upon a Fairy Tale”

Amira began ballet this past January at Legacy Ballet, a short 5 minute drive from our home.


Posing for Mom in her new little leotard, tights and ballet shoes before her first day.IMG_5429

Picture Perfect.


She immediately fell in love with dancing. She loves to go to ballet. She only attends one class a week and is always looking forward to it.

Being new to the ballet studio I didn’t really know what to expect a couple of months ago when the instructor asked if Amira was going to be in the recital. My immediate response was “Yes!”

They began practicing their little routine at each weekly class. To be honest, I was a little worried. The girls being ages 4 & 5 were more concerned with giggling and twirling around on the dance floor than learning the routine. I could tell the teacher was beginning to wonder how it may go on stage too.

Dress rehearsal night came on Thursday June 11th and Amira and I headed over to my friend Suzanne’s. Suzanne’s oldest daughter Isabella danced at legacy since she was just a little girl. I had never done a ballet bun like the one the director was requesting and Isabella is an expert at it now after all these years of dancing. Amira sat quietly with a smile, enjoying getting her hair done up by Isabella. There was no way she would have sat still that long for me!


The girls looked adorable at the dress rehearsal and everything seemed to go smoothly. But would they go as well in front of a large audience with the lights dimmed and Moms nowhere in sight?

All dressed and ready for rehearsal!


Suzanne’s younger daughter was in the recital as well. She danced in two different performances. One for ballet and one for jazz dance.



The little munchkins having fun during dress rehearsal.

IMG_1634 IMG_1640

Backstage opening night.


I volunteered for backstage Mom for the first performance. I didn’t know how Amira was going to respond, this being her first time and all. She had fun backstage with all of the other little girls and before we knew it, it was time to go on.

Another Mom and I herded the 7 tiny dancers downstairs and backstage. Once backstage, where they hadn’t gone before they all began to remark about how dark and spooky it was. We quickly changed the subject by pointing out how sparkly their dresses were in the black light. They tried a couple of time to lift the curtain and peek onto the stage. Then the big moment came, their teacher walked them onto the stage and nobody froze, cried or forgot what to do! It was an adorable little performance from the blue flowers!

We quickly ushered them off stage and praised them all the way back upstairs. I was so proud of my tiny girl!

Daddy came at intermission and brought her a rose. And then took her home.


Mommy stayed until the other little girls were picked up.

The whole family attended the following days matinee. She received flowers from everyone who came! The girls danced happily and wonderfully at the matinee as well. By the 7:00pm performance we were down to 5 tired dancers but they still did a cute and wonderful job.

Now I can’t stop thinking about the next recital! Amira loved it and can’t wait to do it again!